WordPress Development

We use WordPress for the majority of our client sites and have great experience with the platform. We offer various WordPress development services such as:

Custom Theme Development

Have a design that you want turned in to a WordPress theme? no problem. We also take on design work and create full WordPress website builds. We love to create responsive sites and use the latest coding standards including Schema.org microdata.

Plugin Development

We have created numerous plugins for the WordPress platform and take on custom work. Need some functionality added to your WordPress site? get in touch today.

Performance Optimisation

The performance of your website is very important – if your website loads slowly then visitors might not stick around. If you have a WordPress site with lots of plugins installed it’s very likely that more scripts are being added to your website that will slow it down. We can help by caching your website and minifying scripts to give faster loads.

Malware Removal

Like all pieces of software, WordPress can be liable to being hacked. That’s not to say that WordPress is a bad piece of software (it’s great!) but inevitably the more popular platforms are easy targets for hackers and spammers. We can help to remove malware from your WordPress site and get it working correctly once again.


We can help to secure your WordPress site from ever getting attacked. No system is perfect, but making your website as secure as possible can save a lot of future headaches.


We offer WordPress training and have a dedicated page for it – head over to our training page.