Why we use WordPress

We use WordPress for most (not all) of our website builds. WordPress is a content management system that allows users to easily add new content to their website with just basic technical knowledge.

WordPress was traditionally a blogging platform but over the last few years it has really involved in to a full CMS and now powers a huge number of websites on the internet. Some notable WordPress users are the likes of CNN and the New York Times – it’s not just small websites that use WordPress, some of the biggest brands in the world are now using the platform.

So why do we use WordPress? there’s many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is support – WordPress is so widely used that any issues are found out extremely quickly and the platform now has automatic updating for smaller updates which allows our customers to stay secure. WordPress offers a really great experience for our customers too. We pride ourselves on making our websites as easy to use as possible, leaving little room for user error and allowing users to feel confident using the system to add their own content.

The system is so flexible that it allows us to build almost any type of website. You would never guess that our clients Docherty Property and Joseph Osteopaths were built on exactly the same platform. WordPress is now also increasingly being used for eCommerce and we will soon be launching a new website for a client that offers gift vouchers for sale.

There are hundreds of other benefits of using WordPress but we wanted to keep this article short and sweet. If you would like to discuss WordPress with us then please do get in touch, we offer full WordPress site builds, development and training.