Tracking your websites position in SERPs

SERPs is a commonly used SEO (search engine optimisation) acronym and stands for Search Engine Ranking Pages. SERP tracking is where you track the positions of your keywords in search engines. You can track your positions manually in search engines but if you are trying to track a lot of keywords this process can be very time consuming. Luckily, there’s tool you can use to help with this.

Our favourite tool is called Positionly – plans start from just $5 a month and it offers all of the features we need. Our main use for this tool is to track keyword positions  in Google UK – Positionly offers automatic daily tracking of keywords and produces some nice graphs and reports so you can see trends. You can also track your competitors and see how they are p In addition to SERP tracking it also tracks new backlinks, so you can see who’s mentioning your website and when it’s happening.

Tracking SERP positions should be an important factor for every website; it lets you know if changes you are making to your website are having a positive (or negative) effect on your website rankings. Want us to track this information for you? get in touch today for a no obligation chat.