Mobile Distribution Solutions

Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd (a UK based mobile phone distributor) came to us initially to add a blog to their existing static HTML website. We recommended that Wordpress would be a great platform for them and explained that their whole website could be run on Wordpress. Moving the whole website to Wordpress has allowed Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd to add and edit content whenever they need to, without having to pay or contact a web designer.

Project Details:

Client: Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd

Project type: Full Website Build

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What we did

After having a discussion about their project, we soon realised that Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd were not happy with their current web design or how search engine friendly it was, so they asked us to do a complete website redesign.

The Solution

We felt that the previous design was too complicated, dark, hard to read and generally uninviting for potential customers. Our redesign focused on:

  • Making the content easily accessible and nice to read
  • Making it very easy for a potential customer to request a price list
  • Optimising the on-site SEO to make it more search engine friendly
  • Maintaining a professional and consistent look to give potential customers confidence
  • Having an easy way for Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd to update and add new content
  • Including the ability to have a blog

Customer Testimonial

I must admit over the years we have tried (and failed) with various designers and yet dealing with OxfordshireWeb was a hassle free process with them answering my questions (and my moaning) even at weekends throughout the design process. I feel the site is new, fresh & works well for our industry.

Before and After

mdsltd before and after faq shots

The above image shows before and after shots of Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd’s frequently asked questions page. Their original page was very long with a large image at the top, and with each question followed by the answer. We felt this made it very difficult for potential customers to find the information they wanted as if the information they wanted was near the bottom a potential customer may not see it at all. To combat this problem we just showed the questions and removed the top image. Clicking on a question reveals the answer – this made the page length much shorter and makes it much easier to pick and choose which questions you want to know the answers to.

In order to amend their FAQ section on their old website, Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd had to either edit the code or pay a web designer to edit the code. With their new WordPress content managed site from OxfordshireWeb, they are now able to add and edit FAQ’s with just a few clicks.

mdsltd before and after code shots

Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd’s old website was coded poorly; this has an impact on search engine optimisation, load times and how compatible a website is with web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Their new website was coded with the very latest HTML5 to decrease their load times, be compatible with all major modern browsers and to be as search engine friendly as possible.